Introducing a new family of useful electronics products

Produced by Americans for Americans—

Coming Soon!

Communications - Platform-free, SIM-based, Phone/Text/WAN/IOT for North American applications - soft phone, powers off completely, the perfect mobile internet companion for your mobile lifestyle

LED Lighting Controllers for commerce and consumer applications (browser-based and hardware-based control options)

GROW Controllers - Software and Hardware solutions for multiple LED and Power channel controls, Real-time Controls.

LED Lighting Panels in standard selections or by custom design to particular requirements

Power Switching and Control - D.C. to 10A, 110VAC to 10A (integrated with Lighting and Grow Control Systems)

Mini Media/Recording Studio

Morse Code Translation Unit

Water Based Fuel Solutions - hydrogen generator controllers, products including open-source controller kits (soft/hardware)

Water Based Health Solutions - Colloidal Silver electrodes, Generator device

Oil Based Health Solutions - temperature controlled sublimation/diffuser for use with Aromatherapy and Cannabis Oils as needed

Emotional Support Crystals - we offer both standard and custom programmed RGB LED - Crystal Lamps